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SEAL Coast Guard Tests Brochure


Unsinkable Boat

Jordy Anderson

I filled the sponsons with two-pound Coast Guard foam flotation which makes it virtually impossible for the boats to sink or take on water. In fact, during Coast Guard testing, we found that even with the transom drain plug removed, a SEALTM Boat will only submerge to the deck level of the boat. 

Jordy Anderson
SEALTM Boats President



U.S. Coast Guard Tested

SEAL Boat 10 Coast Guard Test

3,047 lbs. of weight!

Engineered to withstand extreme conditions, SEALTM Boats passed rigorous Coast Guard testing.

SEAL Boat 12 Coast Guard Test

5,402 lbs. of weight!

The SEALTM Boat 12.0 SS Tender was loaded with 5,402 pounds by the U.S. Coast Guard. Note the water lines...these boats float!

SEAL Boat 14.5 Coast Guard Test

7,234 lbs. of weight!

As tenders, work boats, sport boats or pleasure craft, SEALTM Boats reliability will keep you on top of the water.