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STEUBEN, Maine - When I retired, my wife and I built our dream summerhome onthe eastern coast of Maine. We are only about 60 miles from the Canadian border and, for those unfamilar with this part of our country, it is mainly rural, undeveloped, craggy coastline. It is certainlh one of the most beautiful and scenic spots on earth, but being located on the North Atlantice, it is also known for its treacherous waters and, as the locals say, "The weather can get wicked bad in a big hurry."

For eight years after my retirement, I searched and searched for a boat that would meet our needs. My priorities in making a boat decision were manu, but first and foremost it had to be safe and able to survive our rugged conditions. Second, was the ability to maneuver the shallow waters of our bay as well as allow us to enjoy the sites of the many rock-infested islands and surrounding bays. We get over thirteen feet of tidal movement, therefore, ther is a need for a boat that can deal with both chappy and shallow waters. Additonally, I know that no matter how well experienced and carefu I might be, there almost certainly are going to be encounter with rocky bottoms and shoreline.

Given these criteria, it seemed to me that aluminum might be the ideal choice for a hull material. Also, a boater in this part of the country needs to be, for the most, part pretty well self-sufficient because if something goes wrong, help might not be available.

I was close to surrendering my search when I met Jordy Anderson and learned of his new company, SEAL Boats USA in Sarasota, Florida. It is said that there no such thing as a perfect boat for all occasions, but my SEAL Boat comes very close to meeting all my needs. Most of all, if gives me great comfort to know that, no matter the circumstance, be it an act of God or otherwise, I should be able to survive if I can just somehow manage to stay with the boat. I do not believe a SEAL Boat will sink and, even if it were dashed into pieces, the pieces would float. A SEAL Boat may be a little more expensive than some of its competition, but for me, the "survivability factor" more than justifies any relatively minor cost difference.

AS to the boat building process, it could not have been more pleasant. Mr. Anderson was most patient and went out of his way to meet all of y specifications, even in many instances when I really did not know exactly what I wanted. I am very pleased with the twenty-three foot cruiser style boat he biult for me, and I do not hesitatee in recommending him and his company to you.


  • A Boat for All Occasions
  • A Boat for All Occasions
  • A Boat for All Occasions
  • A Boat for All Occasions